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What’s So Scary about Common Core? | Funny or Die
Two paranoid parents go overboard preparing their child for her first day of school, equipping her with a tinfoil hat, goggles and disintegrator gun to protect her from the Common Core. Their college-age daughter clears things up. “Common Core is just standards my teachers used so, you know, we can get into college and get a job and hopefully move out of our crazy parents’ home.” The video puts a humorous light on the fact that a lot of parents have received bogus information about what Common Core Standards are and do. “Dishonest critics have decided that the Common Core is a pestilence on the land and have so characterized it. It is not,” Bill Bennett wrote last year. “It is time for integrity and truth in this debate.”

A State Is Finally Killing Common Core, But Nobody Seems Happy about It | Daily Caller
Oklahoma is a test for what happens when a state makes a true break from Common Core State Standards, but policymakers are failing that test, reports Blake Neff. An Achieve analysis finds the new education standards “will disadvantage Oklahoma students” and set them up to be “less prepared to successfully enter college and careers.” Common Core opponents too have criticized the new standards. “Common Core’s ELA standards were not quite as empty as these proposed standards are,” said Sandra Stotsky, an outspoken critic of the Common Core. Earlier this week Karen Nussle wrote, “Oklahoma lawmakers must decide if they want to approve weaker standards or start over again. And the rest of the country will be watching.”

Kansas Lawmakers Reject Efforts to Repeal Common Core | Kansas City Star
In a 44-78 vote Tuesday, Kansas House members voted against a bill that sought to repeal the state’s Common Core Standards. The measure would have required state officials to write new standards by July 2017. “Let the Department of Education and the school board that was elected to do this do their job,” said State Rep. Ed Trimmer. “If we have at least some semblance of uniformity between our school systems, that’s good for [children of military families],” added State Rep. Don Schroeder. Kansas’ decision adds to the states that have weighed the evidence and opted to move forward with rigorous, comparable education standards and high-quality assessments.

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Rigor or Rigor Mortis? Re-Evaluating Common Core | Honolulu Civil Beat
Andy Jones, a high-school teacher in Honolulu, claims Common Core’s “pretense of fostering critical-thinking skills” masks an “obsession with standardized testing” that financial supporters hope to “foist on public schools.” “It is incumbent on the DOE…to question its ongoing commitment to Common Core. Instead of trailing the nation, let’s place ourselves in the vanguard by putting a halt to this failed experiment.” Contrary to Jones’ claims, Common Core State Standards were developed with collective input from educators, experts and state leaders from across the country, and voluntarily adopted by states. Here is where Jones gets it wrong:

Communism—at the Core of Common Core | TruNews
The “true agenda” of Common Core State Standards is to “promote communism,” according to Chaplain Ray Moore. “It’s collectivism, globalism,” Moore says, which is meant to dumb-down some students so they will only be able to perform menial jobs. “It’s a dark agenda,” Moore adds. Moore’s claims represent an extreme of the myths and lies opponents have spread in order to undermine support for Common Core State Standards. Here is where Moore and others get it wrong:

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Oklahoma House, Senate Pass Amended Joint Resolutions to Approve Oklahoma Academic Standards | Oklahoma Education Journal
On Tuesday, the Oklahoma House and Senate each passed an amended joint resolution to approve the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS), the learning goals developed to replace the Common Core. Local sources report State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister worked with lawmakers to amend the resolutions, which had previously called for the rejection of the new standards. “Thank you to the OK Senate, SenFord, @ClarkJolley for changing & amending SJR 75 to APPROVE,” Hofmeister tweeted.  Read the Collaborative’s latest white paper, which discusses how these new standards fail to serve Oklahoma’s students and teachers.