States Begin Closing the “Honesty Gap”:

After years of inflating measures of student readiness, most states have made strides to correct course by implementing rigorous education standards and high-quality student assessments, a follow-up analysis by Achieve finds. Over half of states significantly narrowed their “Honesty Gaps”—the difference between state-reported proficiency rates and those identified by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—and 18 closed discrepancies by 10 percentage points or more in both fourth-grade reading and eighth-grade math.

“Many states have resolved to take seriously the responsibility of providing parents and kids with honest and accurate information,” says Karen Nussle, executive director of the Collaborative for Student Success. “Policymakers are mustering the political courage to level with parents about the fact that our students are not prepared for college or the workforce, and are now able to make policies that align with the reality of student preparedness.”

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