Common Core Renews Our Commitment to Public Schooling

Antipas Harris | Christian Post | March 18, 2015 –


Nearly sixty years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in the pages of the Morehouse College student newspaper, “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” A young man at the time, King’s words captured the purpose of a quality education: to develop understanding and strength of moral fiber, which together empowers young people toward unstoppable success.

It is true that over the past several decades, reform efforts have made significant strides in addressing academic inequality; graduation rates among minority and low-income students have steadily increased over the past 30 years. More and more women have important opportunity for education.

Yet, with this success overall, we too often lose sight of the full scope of King’s description. Common Core State Standards can help. Too many young African American men are victims of high truancy rates and too many are dropping out of high school, altogether. Many of them who do graduate and enroll into college are not finishing their college education. If we are to help them to succeed, we must intervene with solutions that work.

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