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Correcting the record: The Common Core State Standards are one of the most important issues dominating today’s education discussion. This Fact Checker site was created to correct the record on some of the most outrageous myths and ideas about the Standards. Here you will find information about the Standards, our daily update and resources to help you determine what is fact and what is fiction.

These resources will be updated daily and are provided to create a clearer vision of what the standards mean to you, your family, students and your community.

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News You Can Use:

Where Are Teachers Getting Their Common-Core Instructional Material? | Education Week
A Harvard study finds Common Core State Standards are changing classroom instruction, and teachers are largely creating homegrown materials or turning to online resources. The report indicates teachers are putting more emphasis on non-fiction texts in English and emphasizing conceptual learning in math.

Common Core Repeal Bill Questioned by House Education Committee Members | The Register-Herald
Members of the West Virginia House Education Committee questioned a bill that would prohibit the state from using any Common Core State Standards. The legislation, HB 4014, would establish a six-person panel to create new standards and require schools to use the state’s 2010 standards in the interim.

New Common Core Assessments Pass the Bar for Measuring the Most Important Content in the Standards | Brookings Institute
One of the hopes of assessments aligned to Common Core State Standards was that they would overcome poor content alignment and increase cognitive demand. A new study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute indicates they achieve those goals. Comparing PARCC, Smarter Balanced, ACT Aspire and MCAS tests, the research found “the cognitive demand of the consortium and ACT assessments generally exceeded that of prior state tests,” Morgan Polikoff, coauthor of the report, writes.

Thirteen Real-World Skills Your Teen Needs | Great! Kids
High School Milestones, a project of Great! Kids, provides a series of videos explaining the skills that students need to succeed at high levels of learning. “It’s important that students have a range of learning strategies, because certain strategies work better for certain types of information,” says Bobby Cupp, a high school teacher.

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Correcting the Record:

Las Vegas Review Journal, “Common Core: Totally Unprepared, Full Speed Ahead”: Glenn Cook, senior editorial writer for the paper, acknowledges that Common Core State Standards are “not a federal curriculum” and “subject to state and local control,” but says schools are “clearly not prepared” to implement the standards.

Where They Went Wrong: Cook’s analysis ignores educators’ ongoing work to develop material and curricula aligned to Common Core State Standards. A study last fall found that in roughly two-thirds of districts in Common Core states, teachers have developed or are developing their own curricular materials in math and English Language Arts.

The Saratogian, “Region’s Catholic Schools Step Back from Common Core”: At an October 2 news conference, officials from the diocesan Catholic Schools Office in Albany, NY, announced Catholic schools in the region will “step back” from using assessments aligned to Common Core State Standards.

Where They Went Wrong: The article suggests that New York’s Catholic schools have stepped back from the Common Core, but in fact school officials reiterated the strength of the standards. In reality, the schools have decided to utilize the current state exams as a form of grade span testing and move toward the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for all students on a yearly basis.