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Correcting the record: The Common Core State Standards are one of the most important issues dominating today’s education discussion. This Fact Checker site was created to correct the record on some of the most outrageous myths and ideas about the Standards. Here you will find information about the Standards, our daily update and resources to help you determine what is fact and what is fiction.

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Newsweek, “How the GOP Turned on Common Core”: Opposition among some Republicans to Common Core State Standards, epitomized by several presidential candidates’ “acrobatic” flip-flops on the issue, didn’t arise “organically,” but were driven largely by “an organized effort by Tea Party-affiliated groups anxious to make a mark after a series of legislative losses,” reports David Freelander.

What It Means: The article exposes the organized effort by activists representing a subset of the Republican Party to distort the Common Core State Standards. Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett, a conservative leader, explains that “lies, myths, exaggeration and hysteria” have obscured the real issues and drowned out constructive debate.

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Correcting the Record:

National Review, “What’s Wrong with Common Core?”: Comparing Common Core to “Obama’s anti-suburban moves,” “regulatory assault on energy production,” and Obamacare, Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow the Ethics and Public Policy Center, says the new book Drilling through the Core – a collection of essays “by the most informed and prominent critics of the Common Core” – exposes the “sprawling” problems.

Where They Went Wrong: Kurtz’ characterization of Common Core State Standards perpetuates the misleading and disingenuous claims heralded by opponents. Objective analysis has repeatedly dismissed these, and as experts like former Education Secretary Bill Bennett explain, such tactics disrupt honest debate about the standards.