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Correcting the record: The Common Core State Standards are one of the most important issues dominating today’s education discussion. This Fact Checker site was created to correct the record on some of the most outrageous myths and ideas about the Standards. Here you will find information about the Standards, our daily update and resources to help you determine what is fact and what is fiction.

These resources will be updated daily and are provided to create a clearer vision of what the standards mean to you, your family, students and your community.

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Education Next, “What Explains Success at Success Academy?”: At Success Academy, a network of New York City charter schools with 64% proficiency rates in English and 94% in math (the state average was 29% and 35%, respectively), what separates performance “is a laser focus on what is being taught, and how,” writes Charles Sahm.

What It Means: Success Academy provides a paradigm of curricula well aligned to the rigorous learning goals of Common Core State Standards and demonstrates the impact that high academic expectations can have on student outcomes.

Real Clear Education, “Five Questions with John Engler”: The rollout of assessments designed to test to Common Core State Standards has forced policymakers and educators to face tough questions like, are our schools good enough, and are the new standards and assessments helping to make them better? Former Gov. John Engler says, “Today, the blue collar job has become the ‘blue tech’ job and requires skills and competencies that someone doesn’t just pick up by showing up in class.

What It Means: Gov. Engler makes clear the importance of rigorous, comparable education standards that prepare students for college or a career, high-quality assessments and greater collaboration among schools and educators.

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Correcting the Record:

USA Today, “155,000 New York Kids Boycott Standardized Tests”: Several school districts in New York suburbs report high percentages of students who refused to take assessments designed to test the more rigorous content of Common Core State Standards.

Where They Went Wrong: High-quality assessments are an important tool to help parents and teachers gauge student development, and to identify and address learning needs before they impede a student’s success.