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Correcting the record: The Common Core State Standards are one of the most important issues dominating today’s education discussion. This Fact Checker site was created to correct the record on some of the most outrageous myths and ideas about the Standards. Here you will find information about the Standards, our daily update and resources to help you determine what is fact and what is fiction.

These resources will be updated daily and are provided to create a clearer vision of what the standards mean to you, your family, students and your community.

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News You Can Use:

Associated Press, “Fact Check: Myths in the Political Roar over Common Core”: In the political uproar over CCSS, some myths have been peddled as fact, the article says, going on to address several misconceptions perpetuated by prominent candidates.

What It Means: As the debate over CCSS has escalated over the past year and a half, many high-profile political leaders, especially Republicans, have perpetuated myths and misleading information about the Standards.

Fayetteville Observer, “Killing Common Core May Sabotage National Security”: The editorial board writes that “diluting rigorous national standards imposed by Common Core will endanger the future of our military services,” a threat that “lawmakers need to take seriously.”

What It Means: CCSS are critically important for military families and military preparedness. Recent studies found that about one-quarter of high school graduates cannot pass the basic military entrance exam.

Ed Source, “‘We Have a Clearer Pathway for Student Learning’ with Common Core”: Gabriela Mafi, superintendent of Garden Grove School District in California, says in an interview that CCSS introduce a “thoughtful vertical design which was not present in any of the previous iterations of standards.”

What It Means: Educators continue to strongly support CCSS – largely because the Standards are having a positive impact on teaching and promise to improve student outcomes.

Hechinger Report, “Common Core Tests Went Smoothly in Florida, Despite Sensational Media Claims”: In the latest in a series of letters between Florida principal Jayne Ellspermann and New York principal Carol Burris, Ellspermann says recent assessments in Florida designed to support the state’s Common Core Standards went well, despite media report otherwise.

What It Means: Strong assessments are an important tool to ensure that high standards fulfill their purpose, and to give parents and teachers an honest measure of student progress.

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Correcting the Record:

Democrat & Chronicle, “Parents, Please Talk about Common Core”: New York blogger Maeve Cullinane writes, “High-stakes tests are not in the best interest of anyone’s children.”

Where They Went Wrong: Strong assessments are an important tool to ensure that students are making steady progress to develop the skills to succeed at higher level learning, and for parents and teachers to identify and address learning needs.